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Unwind Responsibility

Registered under Societies Act with Regn. No. 17/18201800007 of 2018-19

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Life Membership

life membership
Cooperate with us as an individual for the betterment of the society. Make your dream of being recognized in the society true.
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Family Membership

family membership
Let's create a greater impact in the process of empowering and securing the future of the underprivileged. Bring your family together on the movement by clicking below.
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Institutional Membership

institutional membership
We invite all educational (and/or) healthcare institutions, NGOs, Trusts, Registered Societies to join hands together for providing support to the orphans & vulnerables.
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Corporate Membership

corporate membership
"Duty is GOD". We request Companies/Proprietorships to strengthen our support system and perform your responsibilities towards the mankind.
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Join hands with us by sparing your free time and we can together create a wave of helping hands to the needy. Volunteer in the social service with us.
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Donate to your wish and/or potential for providing better oppurtunities to the orphans and underprivileged. Funds, Clothes, Study materials, Food supplies, Services can be donated.

Birthday Celebration

birthday celebration
Celebrate your birthday with the orphans and underprivileged and see the everlasting smile on their faces caused by your action. WhatsApp us by clicking the icon.

Marriage Anniversary Celebration

marriage anniversary celebration
What's a better approach than celebrating your anniversary among orphan children? Let's make your day more memorable. WhatsApp us by clicking the icon.

Death Anniversary

death anniversary/rememberance day celebration
Pay homage to your beloved by celebrating their death anniversary/rememberance day with the orphans and pray for their souls to live in heaven. WhatsApp us by clicking the icon.

Children's Day Celebration

children's day celebration
Celebrate children's day with the orphans and underprivileged. Contact us by clicking the icon.

Diwali Celebration

diwali celebration
Crack happiness in the faces of the orphans and vulnerables. Contact us by clicking the icon.

Christmas Celebration

christmas celebration
Be Santa to the orphans and bring happiness in their lives. WhatsApp us by clicking the icon.

Members' benefits

  • Incurred prestige, self-esteem and confidence build-up
  • Professional development
  • Networking oppurtunity
  • Increased quality of life
  • Achieving personal goals
  • Public relations development
  • Enormous happiness
  • Self-satisfaction
  • Leadership oppurtunity to serve towards the society
  • All contributions are exempted from Income Tax as per the Govt. guidelines.
Life Membership certificates are felicitated to every member.

We Appeal For One Time Donation


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